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All beats are leases. A standard payment will grant the buyer a standard lease of the beat purchased. Refer to the bottom of the page for lease terms, by making a purchase, you automatically agree to the terms of this agreement.

All beat purchases are leases, and remain the intellectual property of Jesse James Records, and/or Headline himself.

All payments made directly from the website grant the customer a standard lease.

Standard leases grant the artist who purchased the beat, upon valid receipt/screenshot of the purchase, the rights to use, and distribute up to 25000 hard copies of the song/project with the beat purchased, 30000 online purchases of the song, or 100000 monetized streams/plays. If any of these criteria are fulfilled, Headline is entitled to 25% of the future profits made from the sales/distribution/streams/radio-play of the song from the artist's royalties, or a one time upgraded payment to an unlimited lease. To purchase or upgrade to an Unlimited lease for any beat on the website, contact Headline, or Jesse James Records via email (Available in the contact information on the website) to sort out a payment at any time. 

Upon purchase of a Standard lease, the customer has full rights to perform as many times, and at as many shows as they like.

By making a beat purchase, you accept these terms.

In other words, the standard lease is the perfect option for an artist who doesn't want to spend their hard earned money up front. We will require and take no money or royalties from the lease until the song develops an outstanding mainstream presence!